Joyful moments of everyday life or a big events, combine them with the taste of exceptional food in our restaurant.

CJ26 is a place that combines quality and fresh ingredients with a homely atmosphere.

A place where you don't just come for food from chefs with experience from Michelin-starred restaurants, but for an experience and joy.



He started in 2004 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Prague in the Allegro restaurant. Until 2020 and the opening of the CJ26 restaurant concept, he gained experience not only in the Czech Republic, but also in France, under the banner of the Four Seasons, where he learned from the masters of their craft. He worked his way up from chef to sous chef and in 2017 became the head of the kitchen at Prague's Pastar. He truly enjoys food and hopes guests will enjoy it as much.


He met Karel Caldr during his time at the Four Seasons Hotel, where he worked not only at the Allegro restaurant, but also at CottoCrudo, where he was educated in the field of wine and began to help as a deputy sommelier. Thanks to his knowledge, in 2015 he joined the now Michelin starred Field restaurant as sommelier and assistant manager. Five years later, he accepted the offer to co-open CJ26. As he says, it was not an easy decision, but the challenge was so interesting that it was almost impossible to refuse.


He acquired his first cooking skills in Cyprus, Germany, England and the USA. Prior to working at CJ 26, he worked as a chef at Vinograf and Hotel Jalta.

He and Karl Calder met a few years ago in the kitchen of the Four Seasons Hotel.

He likes to discover new flavours and combinations because he believes that gastronomy is always evolving, just like everything else. For him, food and wine are about emotions. At CJ26, he takes care of the whole kitchen operation together with Karl.


He is the business arm of the team, opening his own restaurant has been a dream of his for many years. He has been gaining experience in many different business spheres and in 2020 he finally realized his dream in the form of CJ26.